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QlikView Power Plant Analysis

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  Introduction and Application Overview
As we entered the 21st century, a new set of ruled began taking over the power generation industry–the rules of economics. The power generation industry of today has owners that place more emphasis on the return on their investment than owners did in the past. The industries try to change. Today to stay in business, a company must provide a return to its shareholders that exceeds what they could earn elsewhere. In essence, any business today is only as viable as the edge its return on investment has over other options those investors may care to explore. Most power companies are now viewed as expendable by their shareholders. The power plant business of today is about much more than just generation megawatt hours; it is about generating profits for the investor.

What is important today is that times have changed. Managing the construction activities of a power plant in the century requires a difference focus. Equipment, technology, operational skills, and right decision have evolved.

How people make decision? We use data and analyze it into information for business user look back to see what happen in the past. Within “Power Plant Dashboard” help to enable end users especially management level to analyze their business base on existing data with the right information, at the right time, in the right place and enabling them to make better business decisions.

The purpose of this application is to identify key business performance such as gross profit, energy output, consumption and downtime which we transform from raw data in Excel format into “Dashboard”. This will be achieved by enabling the end users to analyze this and other important measures and KPI’s across many different dimensions.

The application is developed towards four (4) different user categories.
     1. Executive Vice President
     2. Corporate Service Manager
     3. Plant Manager
     4. Raw Material Handling & Planning Manager
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Dashboard sheet is used to analyze business performance across several different dimensions such as Gross Profit, Coal and Wood Chip consumption, Steam Generation, Gross Energy Output and Power Exported to Government.

User can ask questions like:
     1. Why gross profit going down?
     2. What is our total energy output? How much we exported to government? And how much we take for internal use?
     3. What is my actual fuel consumption look like?
     4. Does our plan is good or bad?
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A big picture about Gross Energy Output, Power Exported to Government, Power downtime, Gross Profit and Production cost. This can be used to analyze business performance compare to specific time frame.

- Gross Energy Output, Power Exported to Government, Power Downtime and Gross Profit – a gauge chart tell end user on current period achievement versus previous time frame. For example, in “Gross Profit” we got 118%. And this mean that business profit for the year 2013 is rise by 18% compare to year 2012.
- Production Cost – a fuel cost trend line for all year.
- Power Exported to Government – a combo chart show energy output. A number under each bar chart is a percentage of energy exported to government compare to gross energy output.
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Gross Profit
A hot visual analysis dashboard for all business users to quick understand how business performed from time to time.

With this dashboard, users can ask questions:
     1. Which period (Year, Quarter and Month) is the most profitable?
     2. How is our profit trend line by month compare to each year?
     3. Does our gross profit this year good or bad compare to last year?
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Electric Power
This is the main sheet with three analytic dashboards.
     1. Gross Energy Output
     2. Power Exported to Government
     3. Internal Used
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A virtual analytic which split into two dashboard.
     1. Coal Consumption
     2. Wood Chip Consumption (Total, Acacia, Forest, Cashewnut, Acacia (Davy) and Rubber)
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A dashboard present to end user on Steam Generation.
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A dashboard to show operating hour and their power downtime.

Power Down Time Ratio – a gauge chart tell us what is the downtime ratio. For example, we got 44% ration of downtime (in the year 2013). This means that if we operated 100 hours, then power downtime is 44 hours.

On the left hand side, we have arrow and number:
     1. Up arrow with green color – is the indicator of operating hour. For example, in the year 2013 we operated 101 days, 2 hours and 50 minute.
     2. Down arrow with red color – is the indicator of downtime hour. For example, in the year 2013 we operated 79 days, 15 hours and 23 minute.
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Power Load
A screen to tell the story of power decrease or increase load.